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A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution
for the Wireless Industry!

DOTS – a new-age Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a complete web-based solution developed ground-up specifically for the wireless industry, but flexible and customizable enough to suit any industry.

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DOTS is the outcome of years of experience, expert business insights, industry knowledge attained while working shoulder-to-shoulder with the brightest minds in the wireless industry. As of now, DOTS is powering one the largest chain of T-Mobile retailers with more than 150 retail stores across 12 states.


The data gathered through various touch points is readily available in a format that is easy to understand and actionable. Additionally, our team digs through the data to identify trends, gather deep business insights, and timely relay the information to you so you can make informed decisions.

Besides the services listed above, Revu offers complete customization of DOTS considering your industry needs and necessities and then delivers tailored solutions. Our personalized solutions allow you to increase service quality, align resources, capitalize on business opportunities, and improve operational performance.

A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution for the Wireless Industry!

HR Module

Human Resources (HR) is your most important asset and DOTS make it easier than ever before to manage, streamline and get the most from this all-important corporate asset. Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) module includes Smart Scheduler – a powerful feature that efficiently schedules staff and addresses schedule change requests. The HRMS module also helps you track sick days, requested holidays, and schedule employees to make sure you always have the exact staff required for peak performance.

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An All-Compassing POS for the Modern Age!

Sales & POS Module

Revu offers a complete Retail Management System (RMS) with a rich suite of features to increase the efficiency of your team. DOTS offers a unique, user-friendly and intuitive design to help your team decrease the wait time of your in-store customers, giving your team greater confidence and your customers a remarkable experience.

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A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution for the Wireless Industry!

Operations Module

Revu delivers dedicated and real-time operations management capabilities throughout your business lifecycle. Whether it’s about reporting something that needs to be immediately addressed or ensuring that the task is done in the required time and according to brand standards, the operations module included with DOTS offers a level of customization, sub-systems and in-depth reporting that’s simply unheard of.

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An All-Compassing POS for the Modern Age!


The inventory management module included with DOTS provides a seamless system to integrate and offer an interactive management of your inventory, whether it’s in the stock room, in-transit, or consigned. DOTS remains connected directly to your inventory via store POS, making it easier for you to track and manage items in one place. The flow of inventory is automatically updated and alerts are generated in a timely manner to help you avoid running out of stock.

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