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Alert. Active. Agile!

With Us On Watch, You Won’t Miss a Thing!

Your business needs an advanced level of protection to survive and thrive, regardless of the various threats you may encounter daily. Threats faced by your business range from employee theft, premeditated and targeted vandalism, outside criminal activity and corporate espionage. The sad truth is that there are many people that want to hurt your business and they will strike without warning or prior notice. So, when threats come looking for loopholes in your company’s security, you need a stealth surveillance mechanism in place that’s alert, active and agile to defend you 24/7.

Contrary to popular belief, businesses are actually four times more likely to be burglarized than homes. The unmatched surveillance service provided by Revu ensures that your business stays safe and protected from every type of crime. Revu’ surveillance program provides you with general safety, inventory safeguarding and prevention from various other forms of theft; along with protection from possible lawsuits and insurance claims by providing behavior monitoring and coaching of employees.

The Best Time is Real Time!
Alerts are delivered to you as they happen.

Our site monitoring team provides control and peace-of-mind by live monitoring of both internal and external business functions. Live monitoring not only provides you the ability to monitor behaviors and activities, but also allows you the opportunity to influence, manage, direct and safeguard your team in real time. Our systems and operators are able to track events and create historical archives. We provide detailed reports of all happenings; including snapshots, video and incident descriptions. Our system is also able to retrieve previously recorded videos, should they be needed for further inquiry or action.

Full Facility Coverage

Our service begins with a full inspection of your site to ensure that the entire area is secured and covered from every possible angle for every type of threat. We have the best systems ready to be installed in your facility to fully protect your business. You will be immediately informed of any unusual activities, crimes or theft, both during office hours and during off hours.

Cutting-Edge Solution

Our smart surveillance system includes camera-equipped motion sensors to capture any unusual activity. The sensors are installed to respond to your specific business needs and are monitored in real-time by our surveillance team. Alerts are sent to your smart device and to the alarm center, which is able to react and respond instantly.

Always Available

Our proactive approach to surveillance translates into a team that becomes your eyes around the clock and is able to immediately take any necessary preemptive action. Continuous video surveillance allows the team to intervene promptly when an irregular event occurs. We contact the proper authorities to report any incidents as needed and are able to provide detailed information to help clarify the situation so appropriate action can be taken as required.

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