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Keeping Brand Compliance and Employee Performance in Check!

In today’s world, selling a product comes second, after providing a branded experience. Every consumer wants to be impressed by a brand’s story, witnessing the evolution of the brand and seeing its values in action. Revu plays the crucial role of ensuring brand compliance in everything going on in your facility. This in turn ensures a uniformed performance and a single, unified voice.

Making sure that the systems and procedures enforced by the brand are followed throughout is central to your brand’s success and image. Having the right employee at the right place and at the right time is equally important when it comes to maintaining a positive brand image. Revu covers both of these needs by ensuring brand compliance at one end of the spectrum and monitoring employee performance and presence at the other, to give you a complete picture and to keep you in absolute control.

Brand Compliance and Employee Management

Whether your focus is brand compliance, employee management or both, our system is customized to provide executive management with accurate real-time insights in a format required to maximize performance in a rapid fashion. We provide a customized solution to ensure smooth operations and guarantee the best available personnel are on staff at the right times to generate more revenue through smart scheduling.

Our workforce management team provides highly-detailed information about your employee’s time and work and delivers a detailed view of labor management requirements to help with the sophisticated decision making needed for activity-based management. We also help to manage the process of time-off requests through increased visibility.

Services include


Compliance Audits

Integrated Audits

Advisory Services

Fraud Investigations

Performance Management

Revu keeps an eye on the individual performance of employees to help you strategize your data-backed decisions. Our strength is insights and trends, and we use this to predict problems before they happen and pin point the root cause when and if an issue arises.

Brand Compliance

We work with you to create and maintain a unified and identifiable presence for your brand. We offer practical, customized solutions with a focus to improve efficiency and increase brand recognition. Our main objective is to create a fluid harmony between you and the relationship we help you build with your customers.

Constant Monitoring

Revu works 24/7 and does not miss anything. If something seems out of place or a bit irregular, we proactively investigate it and alert you before anything big happens. Our services umbrella effectively covers the compliance of day-to-day operations and quality assurance auditing.

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