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Cash management streamlined
like never before!

Revu utilizes controlled processes to provide secure cash management, covering the cash cycle from start to finish while mitigating various threats. We also provide detailed daily reporting for any POS system to analyze all transactions, identify trends and gather insight. This is all done proactively to avoid fraudulent activity, now or in the future.

Our daily notification system provides in-depth visibility of the complete cash flow process. Revu acts as your trusted adviser and takes on the responsibility for understanding and managing the transactions associated with your business’s cash flow cycle.

Since we manage the flow of transactions on a daily basis, we create a history of insights and trends to identify any irregularity, no matter how small. This allows us to help you reduce additional costs on returns, fake commissions, extra commissions, fraud and a host of other such unethical activities that can not only cause financial damage, but can hurt your brand image as well.

Worry-Free Cash Management & Loss Prevention

Saving Costs Where It Matters Most!

Inventory Monitoring

Revu’s cash management service also keeps an eye on your inventory to identify any irregularities throughout your sales chain. Our service for cash management doesn’t start with a sale. We monitor the entire chain of events leading to and ending with a completed sale, noting any discrepancies throughout the process.

Theft Prevention

Cash theft, fake commissions and other means of cash abuse are a common corporate occurrence witnessed regularly at different stores and POS systems. Because Revu manages your cash and monitors trends and insights daily, we not only identify theft as it occurs, we can often alert you even before a theft takes place deserving.

Organized & Systematic

Our systems and procedures are streamlined to the maximum, meaning there are no surprises when you task Revu with your cash management and loss prevention needs. From POS to inventory monitoring to maintaining trends and data analytics, we help you prevent losses and manage your cash like nobody else..

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