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The Revu travel management service helps you cut costs and streamline one of the highest yet controllable corporate expenses – employee travels.
Revu will coordinate your company’s strategic approach to travel, negotiate with vendors and manage the day-to-day operations of your corporate travel program; including securely monitoring credit cards and other associated expenses.
Revu understands that executive management doesn’t always have the time to coordinate their employees’ travel. Revu takes over this responsibility to free you from the worries of bloated expenses, unrequired or forced travels, unnecessary or inappropriate use of corporate credit cards and other travel issues.

Travel Management that Goes Above and Beyond

We make your travels more organized!

When you task Revu with your travel management, you can be sure of the following:
• The entire process will be streamlined
• Costs will be reduced
• Management will be hassle-free
The travel management services offered by Revu begin with creating a company-wide system that employees and management can use to request travel arrangements. Once travel is approved, the system will immediately spring into action and take complete care of the associated tasks, including hotel, car and airline bookings. Costs and other overheads are reduced by shortlisting and working with only the best vendors with stellar reputations and economic pricing. Revu does not stop there. We continue to follow up on the travel until the trip is completed, gather feedback, maintain trends, compile data and submit a detailed report. The additional information provided helps you determine if the trip resulted in a proper return of investment (ROI).

Going Above and Beyond - Cutting Costs, Not Quality!

Travel expenses are typically the second or third largest business expenditure. Revu’s team of experienced travel management professionals help to control and optimize costs by negotiating the best deals for high-quality services, and to provide quantifiable financial benefits on your travel expenses.

Trends, Data, and Insights

Do the costs involved with business travel justified by the ROI? Revu helps you find the answer to this question by keeping track of detailed expenses and trip information and measuring it against the productivity metrics you provide to us.

Predictable and Proactive

Since Revu maintains trends, collects data, and helps you make informed decisions, we are always in the position to proactively predict your next travel needs and identify financial or service-related irregularities, should they arise.

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