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Your employees are your most valuable asset. The key to business success and growth is to identify, secure and retain the right talent to meet and enhance the position needs within your company. While critical to the success of the Human Resources process, the many steps involved in employee recruitment, hiring, training and management can be time consuming, overwhelming and difficult to track. Revu can simplify, organize and manage the process for you with systems tailored to meet your specific HR needs.

At Revu, our talent acquisition and maintenance services are tailored to meet your unique HR requirements. Whether you need ongoing workforce guidance and assistance in all areas or in specific areas, or if you need assistance with an entire department or just one challenging position, we have solid solutions for you.

You will find that the Revu team will become a value-added extension of your HR department to oversee all or part of your employee processes. We will help you save time, effort and finances, while enhancing your ability to utilize employee records and information for various business needs. With Revu, you will have a dedicated team knowledgeable in all aspects of human resource management, ready to immediately address any issues as they arise. We will help you to better manage your resources and improve productivity and profitability overall.

Revu helps your business succeed by providing assistance with:

  • Prospect Selection and Hiring

    including Reference Checks, Background Checks, Qualification Verification and Drug Testing Coordination .

  • On-Boarding of new Employees

    to integrate them into their new role in your company, including specific divisions or departments as applicable .

  • Training and Skills Development

    for both new and current employees .

  • Job Descriptions

    recording and updating of information, including record-keeping of receipt by employees .

  • Time and Attendance

    tracking and management of tardiness and days off, including vacations, sick days, holidays and jury duty .

  • Appraisals and Evaluations

    recording performance and managing goals and growth on specified timeframes or as needed at your discretion .

  • Employee Discipline, Termination and Off-Boarding

    assuring managers have assistance and information for proper steps whenever action is needed .

  • Payroll

    easily access complete payroll data and detailed reports including W2’s, 1099’s and tax summaries .

  • Wage and Hour Regulations

    keeping you in compliance with federal and state laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, meal breaks, etc .

  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination

    information and training to prevent issues and address any complaints that may arise .

  • Policies, Procedures and Safety Manuals

    recording and updating of information, including record-keeping of receipt by employees .

  • Employee Relations

    assisting with collaboration between departments, and relationships with colleagues, managers and your organization executives .

  • Benefits

    informing, recording, adjusting and implementing your benefit plans .

  • Leave Administration

    facilitating the leave process from applications to approval and monitoring .

Our talent acquisition services are tailored to meet your HR needs. Whether you need help with one challenging role, have ongoing needs, or need a contingent workforce, we have a bespoke solution for you. Get in touch with us today.

Hunting, Hiring & Keeping the Right Resources

We are with you every step of the way

Whether you need to fill just one role, or are operating in an industry with high turnover, or have short-term coverage needs, our team will not only help you retain talent but develop a pipeline of talent that continuously supplies you the right mix of talent whenever you need.

Recruitment - We Are With You Every Step of the Way

You may need to fully staff a new business location or department, fill one key vacant permanent position, have a temporary job opening or your industry may reflect a high turnover of personnel.In any of these situations our team will not only help you locate strong candidates, but can develop a pipeline of talent that continuously supplies you the right mix of prospects when needed. Revu will locate highly skilled professionals for various industries, positions and experience levels; including human resources, finance/accounting, IT, supply chains, sales, and administrative support, among others.

A Reliable Partner

In today’s competitive business arena, having a strong partner who can deliver the right talent when needed and provide exceptional ongoing service is priceless. Working with Revu helps you support complex multi-generational and multi-location talent acquisition processes without juggling multiple vendors. You will find us responsive, dependable and consistent in our commitment to your needs.

Employee Relations – A Recipe for Success

After locating and securing the right person for the job, you spend a considerable amount of time on training while sharing valuable business information in the process. Revu goes one step further by crafting retention strategies to help you retain those good employees, which ultimately translates into success for your business.

Please contact us today and let us show you how we can help your business!