Customized. Current. Cutting-Edge. A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution for the Wireless Industry!

Revu offers a complete Retail Management System (RMS) with a rich suite of features to increase the efficiency of your team. DOTS offers a unique, user-friendly and intuitive design to help your team decrease the wait time of your in-store customers, giving your team greater confidence and your customers a remarkable experience.

An All-Compassing POS for the Modern Age

DOTS makes reconciliation as easy as 1, 2, and 3! All it takes is for you to click the auto-reconcile button and DOTS take care of the reconciliation process instantly. DOTS also helps you with phone activations, presenting the recommended accessories, promotions and value-added information in a neat and clean way.

Going one step beyond, DOTS greatly reduces nuisance from returns by optimizing the entire process. DOTS automatically tracks and monitors the status of products sent to a vendor for repair, replacement, warranty claims or credit.

The POS solution integrated with DOTS focuses on providing a seamless omni-channel experience, irrespective of partner integrations. DOTS can be easily and instantly integrated with tax libraries and automated payment processers, and makes it easy for you to bundle products, whether stocked or non-stocked.

When it comes to providing a pleasant payment system, DOTS doesn’t lag behind! Our fully-integrated and fully-managed payment integration intelligently saves you time and effort by taking the transaction directly to the payment terminal and automatically updating the status of an invoice upon receipt of payment.

Whether it’s merchant services or EMV enablement, DOTS has what it takes to manage payments and process transactions timely, efficiently and accurately.