Customized. Current. Cutting-Edge.
A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution for the Wireless Industry!


Revu delivers dedicated and real-time operations management capabilities throughout your business lifecycle. Whether it’s about reporting something that needs to be immediately addressed or ensuring that the task is done in the required time and according to brand standards, the operations module included with DOTS offers a level of customization, sub-systems and in-depth reporting that’s simply unheard of. With DOTS taking care of your daily operations, you can rest assured about superior business process in the areas of labor management, store floor control, work in process, maintenance operations and data collection.

We have focused on these areas since they are critical to realizing the benefits of an optimized business operation. The ticketing and support system provided by DOTS makes it possible for you to report problems, redundancies, and direct immediate attention to a particular area in a matter of clicks. The entire process has been kept transparent by design, so you can monitor the actions taken on the ticket generated by you and rate the support you received.

The data collected during this process is then used to generate trends and predict problems, even before they emerge. This helps us proactively address concerns and issues in a seamless manner without affecting the overall productivity of the business.

Customized. Current. Cutting-Edge! A New-Age Web-Based ERP Solution for the Wireless Industry!

The functionality provided by DOTS makes it an ideal company-wide solution used by almost every employee in your organization. Since different employees in different departments rely on DOTS to make their jobs more efficient and effective and senior management relies on DOTS for seamlessly connecting all the touchpoints, the need to define user roles and management of access levels needs to be addressed.

DOTS addresses this need via its Administration or Admin Module. With the module, you can enter your employee details, create their accounts, define their rights to access, add, edit, or delete according to their responsibilities. The admin module makes managing a particular location easy by helping you define roles, access levels and user management per the hierarchy of employees serving that location.

Some benefits of the admin module include:

  • User/Department Levels of Access to Information
  • Post-deployment Configuration Features
  • Creation of User Groups
  • Defining Workflows
  • Role Management
  • Role-wise Assignments of Pages
  • Role-wise Assign Rights (Create, View, Edit, Delete)
  • Detailed Activity Reports
  • Timestamps of Access