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The inventory management

The inventory management module included with DOTS provides a seamless system to integrate and offer an interactive management of your inventory, whether it’s in the stock room, in-transit, or consigned. DOTS remains connected directly to your inventory via store POS, making it easier for you to track and manage items in one place. The flow of inventory is automatically updated and alerts are generated in a timely manner to help you avoid running out of stock.

Since we are constantly monitoring past trends and activities, we will also help you predict the next big wave, so you can properly plan your replenishment orders. The ability to track inventory and manage it accordingly is critical to business success. DOTS manages and provides complete visibility of all material movement within a single store or warehouse, locations both domestic and international, or an enterprise.

DOTS makes it more transparent to see what is available on hand, what is allocated to customer orders, the associated details of the order, the backorders and their details, the receivables and their estimated dates of arrival. The extensive reporting capabilities of DOTS includes physical counts and adjustments plus the ability to maintain, track and manage inventory in multiple distribution centers.

As for reporting and analysis, DOTS simplifies things by offering detailed:

  • Stock List Reports
  • Stock Status Reports
  • Quality Management
  • Serial Tracking
  • Recall Management
  • Item Status
  • Physical Inventory Reports
  • Price or Cost List
  • Reorders
  • History of Sales and Purchases
  • Inventory Status
  • Vendor Lead Time Report
  • Sales Projection Analysis
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Roles