Punctual. Personalized. Precise! An innovative integration of technology, processes and people

Revu believes in innovation and work done to perfection. Our Facility Management service goes above and beyond the one-size-fits-all service offered by others. We offer a uniquely integrated model to ensure superior Facility Management service, allowing you to continue to focus on your core business.

Our ability to deliver all that we offer with our specialized teams allows us to boast a track record that surpasses every benchmark of success and satisfaction. We offer integrated programs like preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance, each fully customized according to your unique business requirements. Our differentiating factor is keeping track of and maintaining trends, while managing your facility and providing a proactive service. This empowers you in making data-driven decisions for your business that can save you time, effort and revenue. Revu’s predictive management services are safe, timely, and cost effective.

Your Facility, Our Management

The tech age mandates Revu to be bigger than a champion in any single service we provide. The real advantage of working with Revu is our intelligent mix of integrated services and smart utilization of synergies. We only work with national-level subcontractors for services such as janitorial, landscaping/ grounds maintenance, elevator maintenance, fire/life safety systems maintenance, heating/air conditioning and plumbing, etc. At Revu, going the extra mile to make sure our high-quality standards are maintained throughout is an everyday practice.

Specific Customization

Even while serving the same vertical, every business is unique, has unique requirements and needs a unique, custom solution. Revu realizes this and offers tailored solutions and flexible management of any facility. This is exactly where our years of experience, data-backed insights and trend monitoring helps us proactively identify and solve issues when they happen, and at times even before they happen. With Revu managing your facility, you are guaranteed a 360o solution at a cost level that exceeds all your expectations.

Cross Checking & Verification

Having a problem reported is just the start; following up on it, getting it done and verifying that everything is done according to the brand guidelines or standards is what truly sets Revu apart. Our national-level subcontractors have years of industry experience and a reputation for perfection. Revu then takes this attention to detail and propels it to a level of excellence not witnessed or heard of anywhere else. We don’t rest when the job is done; we rest when the job is done, the root cause is identified and steps have been taken to stop the same problem from occurring again.

Reliability above Everything Else

Revu is home to multi-disciplinary teams comprising a strong mix of specialists and highly competent personnel, armed with the technical know-how of various fields. Revu is committed to delivering the highest quality assured service to its valued business partners. Our knowledgeable team helps our clients with deep insights, which in turn minimizes risks and downtime and maximizes up time. Revu believes that a well maintained facility reflects positively on a brand’s image and helps increase business. We invite you to try our years of experience, skilled employees, and systematic procedures and see the difference Revu can make to your business.

An innovative integration of technology, processes and people