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Revu is committed to providing financial information to its clients in a timely and accurate manner. Meaningful, well-organized financial records go a long way in ensuring smooth and efficient running of a business’ operations. As of now, Revu is already providing accounts receivable services to the second largest premium retailer of #1 wireless company in the US, at highly cost-effective rates. Our accounts receivable solutions are comprehensive yet completely flexible, enabling our clients to choose from a range of services.

Our accounts receivable services include

  • Billing preparation
  • Collection of Sales Receipts & Tracking record of daily sales.
  • Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • Record and account for revenue
  • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers
  • Preparing and delivering periodic statements
  • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer
  • Applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays
  • Accounts receivable deductions management services
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports

Taking Revu with your accounts receivable service will produce the following benefits:

  • You’ll have more time to focus on your core competencies
  • You’ll have improved decision-making abilities
  • You’ll have increased internal controls
  • You’ll see an increase in profitability
  • You’ll see your cash flow maximized
  • You’ll have a better brand image
  • You’ll see increased financial confidentiality
  • You’ll have better tax compliance
  • You’ll see improved credit rating

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